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A wedding suit requires trust, perfection, and the highest level of true craftsmanship. Sarti has had the immense honor of creating some of the finest suits for Melbourne and Perth’s most prominent grooms and wedding parties. We approach all our suits as a piece of art, meticulously crafting the shape and feel of every aspect right down to our beautiful hand stitching. We believe for your day, you deserve something special, you deserve the complete peace of mind in knowing that your suit will be perfect, that its beauty will compliment you and your significant other. Our team at Sarti have labored endlessly on insuring that this level of detail and perfection, which can be seen as excessive by other brands, is not only attained but often exceeded. Your wedding photos will be the envy of all grooms who settled for an off the rack predicament.

Morning Suits

Morning suits can be created with a variety of style options, which can be difficult to get perfect. With our 26 years experience we are masters in perfecting the length, curve, style and button placement to insure a flattering powerful cut with exquisitely balanced proportions. Morning suits are typically worn as a 3 piece suit with a double breasted waist coat to contrast the single breasted front. The long tailed back elongates the body and brings an air of elegance. Fairy tale weddings and morning suits go hand in hand.

The Perfect Tuxedo

When your big day will be the epitome of black tie luxury, a bespoke tuxedo is what your wedding deserves. Traditionally the fabric would be a wool barathea, which is thick and characterized by a stiffer drape with either silk satin or ribbed silk lapels and accentuations. Recently we have created one of a kind dinner suits with a wool and mohair mix, the beauty of mohair is it plays on the light – you get a beautiful luminescence that sets it apart from wool. In the scope of black tie there are lots of style options from the standard dinner jacket with shawl lapels, through double breasted, to peak lapels. The beauty in the tuxedo is it’s perfect for all black tie events, so by choosing in the highest quality and the best fit you’ll stand out at all special engagements for decades to come.

Bespoke Dress Shirts

A bespoke dinner shirt hand made in our Lonsdale Street workroom will complete your dinner suit to a degree of perfection and luxury unattainable by most. Investing in a bespoke shirt allows you the unique opportunity to create a shirt with not only the most enhancing cut but also the exact style details desired, from type of piquet used for the bib, through stud options, to collar and cuff styles including many personal touches like your initials hand embroidered. For our shirts we use the finest Italian cottons sourced exclusively from Thomas Mason to ensure the materials used match the unparallel craftsmanship of our master tailor.

Wedding Parties

When you need your whole wedding party to look immaculate a bespoke suit package from Sarti will ensure that all your wedding photos will be worthy of being featured in vogue. A group of tailored suits has a special presence, a strong masculinity that is strikingly conveyed and pairs beautifully with bridal parties. With wedding parties of 3 suits or more we can offer tailored packages across fabric and cost.

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